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Help us to ban horse carriages in Mallorca!

Help us to ban all horse carriages in Mallorca. Our legal team will continue working to end this cruel practice. Please, sign for #StopCarriges.

Our campaign

At almost 104°F in the sun, thirsty and forced to work physically hard jobs during all the days, 365 days a year: this is the usual condition for horses that suffer physical abuses because of walking on asphalt and carrying excessive weight, breaking ordinances and suffering accidents or even dying. It’s time to stop it!

Free horses

We would like to replace horse-drawn carriages with electric vehicles, and send all the horses to sanctuaries where they will live the rest of their days in peace.

From AnimaNaturalis we ask to the local government of Palma to take a bold step and to end the animal exploitation that horses suffer with horse-drawn carriages.

In the 21st century we need to make progress towards a more animal-friendly society. It can’t be allowed that a city which is supposed to be animal-friendly carries on not one day more with these customs rejected by society.

In other regions and in the rest of Spain, measures for the benefit of horses that work in carriages have been taken and also removed by popular request.

Marbella reduced travelling times during hot weathers, Rome is replacing horses with electric vehicles, New York removed them from circulation in Central Park and it will be the same for the city of Acapulco (Mexico) and the city of Guadalajara (Mexico) replaced them with vintage vehicles. In addition, Capdepera (Mallorca) hasn’t renewed licenses this year. But, what about Palma?

Keep an eye on it and report

If you notice some irregularity with horse-drawn carriages in Palma, please let us know writing an email to galeras@animanaturalis.org

All together we can avoid horses’ suffering and offer an ethical and cruelty-free alternative for everyone who wants to take a beautiful walk around Palma.

Help us to continue saving lives

Our campaign #StopCarriages needs your kind support to continue stopping the abuse of horses. We are working with a team of lawyers and volunteers to make it happen. Please, consider to make a donation now

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